I have a fear of flying. But bigger than that fear is my urge to see everything. And sometimes, everything is too far to walk to. ​​​​​​​
To everyone I know. To everyone I will know, and to those who will never cross my path - I wish you many journeys throughout your life.
Many oceans, blue and green. Many parks, forests and jungles where it is just easier and tastier to breathe. But also streets, buildings, scooters and cable cars. Tents. Churches and temples. Many unfamiliar faces, happy and smiling. Serious, frowning or heartbroken.
I hope your journeys challenge you - your taste buds, your comfort levels. All of your fears and even (especially) your imagination.
Journeys to the unfamiliar and unknown create our memories, our perspectives, opinions and beliefs. They help us to constantly question our capabilities, and feed our desire for improvements in the world... and if we are lucky and pay a little attention, they help us discover how much we can achieve by developing ourselves.